Today is spring closet switch over day.  I don't care that there is still snow on the ground in some places...I will NOT be wearing wool anything or faux leather anything or high-necked anything from here on in.  My bedroom is  HUGE disaster of clothes piled on the bed - as I pack up and sort through everything I own .  I tried cropping photos as much as I could, but there is *stuff* in the background, I'm sorry.

So I bought this green dress from H&M at least a month ago, and never tried it on.  I just figured it would fit - it's an M . A more organized person with more free time to shop and return would have addressed this weeks ago, and I should have bought a S or even an XS but I own it now, so .....

Here it is styled as a copy of an outfit worn by someone I had seen working at Anthro.   Two different shoe options for fun .  I really love the colour, and with a good ironing, I think I will enjoy wearing this. My only fear is the dress sticking to the leggings when I move -but I'll just have to see how it goes. I think it will be cute worn as a dress with white sneakers and no tank or leggings. 

I picked up a couple of other things at H&M yesterday and LOVE the blazer, but am not sure what to do with the shirt.  The blazer is a linen blend, and the shirt is a recycled crinkly poly blend (which I know a lot of you don't like but I don't share that aversion) . I imagine it worn over denim shorts or ivory jeans but do I really need it?  The quality and detailing of the topstitching is amazing .  

I threw the blazer on over the denim shirt I was wearing (I know, I know, I never wear denim shirts and now I never take this one off - haha) and again over a basic ribbed white tank.

Thoughts on any of this? Should I cut my losses with the green dress and vow to be better with returns next time - or is it wearable as is. 

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