I got an Apple watch three years ago, and to my husband’s surprise, haven’t looked back. I wear it all day and every day because I LOVE its features and functions. I’m a dressy dresser who used to wear a formal gold watch every day. I don’t have a sporty style, and I’m not a sporty person, yet I’ve gotten used to the casual and sporty aesthetic of my Apple Watch. That said, I dress it up to work with my outfits.

Here’s how I temper the sporty vibe of my watch.

1. Add a Fancy Strap

I have a rose gold Apple Watch because I bat for Team Gold and do not mix metals. At this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I bought a dressy Michele strap in white silicone and rose gold to give my sporty watch a more formal look. I chose white to match my workhorse white pearls. White also works best with the palette of my wardrobe.

The fancy strap was one of my best purchases of 2022. The Michele silicone is much better quality than the Apple Watch silicone I’ve had in the past. I’ve worn it non-stop for six months and it hasn’t stained, discoloured, or needed a clean. It looks brand new. It’s extremely robust, seems to repel dirt, and is very comfortable.

2. Adorn With Arm Candy

I wear my watch on my left hand, along with one of my white pearl wedding rings and an assortment of pearl bracelets. I like the way the white and gold of the watch neatly matches my pearl rings and bracelets. I wear either one of these combinations daily, and it does not change. No more, and no less. I don’t wear nail polish so my fingers always look the same too. To my eye it’s a versatile combination that works with every one of my casual and dressy outfits. And I don’t tire of the look.

Apple Watch - 2

Apple Watch - 1

Over to you. Do you also dress up your smart watch? If so, what’s your strategy?