Before finalizing my style goals for 2023 I like to check in on how well I did with my goals for 2022. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, 2022 was a great year of style and shopping. Fashion and style is a stress-free and fun component of my life. My style needs are satisfied, my wardrobe is in tip-top shape, and I’m a lucky fish. 

I’ve fine-tuned my shopping strategy by purchasing most items online. That way I can get exactly what I want from retailers who understand my needs and deserve my business. I’ve focussed on brands that tend to work for me, and re-introduced others that went off my radar. I’d forgotten how well Elie Tahari works for me, how beautifully made their items are, and am thrilled to have the brand represented in my wardrobe again. I’ve also become better at pouncing on items on my wishlist when the price breaks and flash sales hit. If I manage to get my size and colour on sale, bonus. If I miss out, it doesn’t matter. There will be something else as good or better at some point.

As I go down my list of general goals for 2022, it struck me how many of them have become second nature at this point. For example, the following are all things that I do automatically now. There’s no need to remind myself to stick to them.

  • Amp up Authenticity
  • Stay True to my Style Aspirations
  • Make Manageable Sustainable and Ethical Wardrobe Decisions
  • Express my Style Through my Favourite Colours and Patterns
  • Explore the World of Fun and Practical Pants
  • Milk my Signature Style

There were two general goals that could do with a little discussion:

#6. Adding Elegant-to-Me Touches to my Style

I’ve thought long and hard about how outfits create elegance to my eye, and developed a loose checklist that I’ve applied to my own looks. On some days I felt sufficiently elegant, and other days quite the opposite.

I realized that my short, sharp, dramatic, and very neat and tidy pixie that showcased my ears attributed greatly to my feeling elegant in an outfit. I feel attractive when I expose my ears, and miss seeing them covered with longer hair. I’ve been growing out my pixie for a year because I desperately wanted a big change, and I’m sticking with the decision. It’s been a slow and frustrating grow-out. Lots of awkward layers, many bad hair days, and far from a neat and tidy ‘do. My hair has finally grown into a less awkward style, but the length isn’t that flattering for my face shape. It’s also a tad too short to tuck comfortably behind my ears. It needs to grow another four inches for it to be where I want it to be. I’m hoping that I’ll feel more elegant in my outfits when I’ve reached my longer hair goals. Time will tell. Here’s what it looks like now. On to another year of growing my hair!

On top of growing out my hair, I stopped adding platinum highlights. I’m back to my natural colour which is a dark honey blonde. No grey yet. I’m adjusting to the darker blonde, and not entirely sure how I feel about it yet. Forgoing chemical treatment for a year has drastically improved the condition of my hair, and I’m enormously enjoying that side of it. Hubs Greg loves the natural colour, which helps me like it more too.

#9. Rebuild my Formal Wear Capsule

My old formal frocks, tops, and skirts were either too short, impractical to wear, uncomfortable, or have bitten the dust. So I added a refresh of my formal wear capsule to my list of style goals. After years of casual and smart casual, this was in itself a refreshing thing to do. I’m thrilled with what I’ve bought so far (collection below). I’ve worn the red velvet pants and loafers quite a bit. I’ve worn the navy tulle skirt, silk horsey cardigan, and sparkly sweater a few times too. These items make me very happy and I LOVE them. I’m looking forward to wearing my navy lace dress and white polka dot blouse when the weather warms up.

As far as my specific goals went (#8 on my list for 2022) I managed to achieve all of them, except embellishing my blush capsule. Instead, I embellished my shocking pink capsule, which was a better idea anyway! Some of the same shopping goals will go back onto my 2023 list because I could do with more of some of the items. I’m prepping that list now, and will share it soon.