Fashionista reports that shoes are finally getting more inclusive: “A new generation of footwear brands are working to rewrite the traditional definition of who can wear what.”

In Italy, Family-Run Shoe Factories Are Part of the Culture. What Happens If They Close?“, this article from 2020 still feels relevant today.

In that same article series, I also enjoyed “For Behind-the-Scenes Shoe Designers, the Glory Is in the Craft.

Fab Links from Our Members

April says it’s good to know the gents are thinking about New Year’s style resolutions too.

Marlene1 recommends the podcast “Articles of Interest,” especially the latest season, “American Ivy.” This season delves into prep style including its origins, spread to Japan and hip hop culture, popularization by Ralph Lauren, etc.

The Fug Girls ran a Vivienne Westwood red carpet retrospective, and Roberta found it fantastic to see how her designs worked on women of every age and figure (given that they are all beautiful actresses). 

Vildy likes how the family at Classy Girls Wear Pearls seems to be living life in technicolour.

Suntiger directs us to this article: Will the Rise of Secondhand Fashion Erase Gendered Shopping?

She also liked Christine Scaman’s blog post about jeans for 12 seasons.

Runcarla thought this was a meaty piece on trends for 2023. She adds: “I liked a lot of what I saw/read — including Carolyn Bessette/Calvin Klein aesthetic and skirts at my favourite at-the-knee length!”

Judy loved this article on patching jeans.

Nuancedream hopes that other airlines will follow Virgin Atlantic’s lead regarding gendered uniforms.

Stagiaire Fashion enjoyed this Instagram reel featuring Iman.

She also thinks this “Greenwashing Awards” reel by fair fashion campaigner Venetia La Manna is worth a look.