Fabbers, I’ve been getting more and more into fashion sneakers lately. I may even be in danger of turning into a “sneaker head” although not quite a “hype beast” yet.

I love the fun colors, textures and design elements that can be used in these kinds of shoes. However I have THE HARDEST time evaluating whether or not a sneaker fits, when I try them on in the store. It takes me ages to decide, and often I still end up returning or exchanging whichever I decided to buy!

I think I’m not accustomed to the lasts used for sports shoes… or maybe it’s the overall sponginess that throws me off….or I’m not sure how they’re “supposed” to fit. Do I want lots of space around the toes, or a little (assuming they will stretch)? What kinds of socks will I wear with them? Is the heel or ankle moving around too much? I just DON’T KNOW!

Please share with me any words of wisdom or rules of thumb when it comes to sneakers and fit. Thanks in advance!