If you enjoy wearing roomy bottoms, like wide legs, wide crops, palazzos, or parachute pants, try topping off the look with a short jacket like a moto, cropped blazer, aviator, bomber, trucker, or denim jacket. Pop a layering top like a tee, knitted top, pullover, shirt, tank or blouse underneath, and you’re almost done. 

Personally, I bat for Team Short Jacket, and love these proportions. There is something cheeky and peppy about a short jacket. I enjoy how a shorter jacket lengthens the leg line from the hips upward, which is especially great when you don’t wear heels. I also like how the shorter jacket tempers the volume of wider bottoms by showcasing the outline of the hips.

Here are some examples.

1. Checks and Moto

A pair of brown wide leg checked pants are combined with a cropped white tank. A short black moto tops the look. A pair of chunky lug-soled boots and black belt match the moto and pull together the look.

Checks and Moto

2. Relaxed Dressy Aviator

A pair of dressy woolly grey wide leg pants is combined with a striped black and white mock turtleneck knitted top. It’s tucked into the trousers to create a sleek effect. A white shirt is layered over the knitted top for an interesting high-contrast effect. The outfit looks great without it, so feel free to leave it off. A short black aviator jacket tops the lot, and cream dressy boots complete the outfit.

Relaxed Dressy Aviator

3. Boho Teddy

A pair of black wide cropped pants is combined with a white graphic tee. It’s tucked to showcase more of the pants. The pairing is topped with a short peach teddy jacket with rich red brown tortoiseshell buttons. The outfit is completed with the same rich brown boots and a felt hat. They match the buttons and the model’s gorgeous red hair. The peach teddy is tonal with the model’s hair too. Layered gold necklaces add some glam.

Boho Teddy

4. Bomber and Jeans

And last, my favourite of the four. A pair of light blue denim wide leg jeans is combined with a tucked white Henley tee. Cream sneakers add a casual touch. A very polished and crisp short navy tweed bomber with a ‘70s vibe tops off the lot. The tee can be worn untucked with its hem peeking out from under the jacket, if that’s your preference. Add jewellery, watch, bag, and eyewear as desired.

Bomber and Jeans