These casual looks are for Team Stripe and Team Pattern Mix. If you bat for neither team, look away because some of the outfits are hectic. Personally, I bat for both teams and like the visual effect of the looks shown here. I appreciate the creativity and playful integrity of the striped combinations, which have been pulled together with precision and attention to detail. It’s nice to see neutrals and non-neutrals in each of the outfits too.

Click the images to see the outfits up close, and variations on each of them.

1. Simple Stripes

A simple striped navy and white pullover is combined with navy wide cropped pants that have a white tuxedo stripe down the side seams. White loafers match the whites in the outfit. A second red and navy striped pullover is draped over the model’s shoulders. The navies in the mismatched stripes create outfit cohesion and allow the eye to rest.

2. Three Stripes

A solid red dress is topped with a cardigan in a multi-coloured horizontal stripe. The red stripe in the cardigan makes it match the solid dress. Two more stripes are added to the outfit, but they are simple, and only two-toned. Navy and white striped socks peak out from the lug-soled boots to echo the navy and white components of the cardigan. A navy and green striped beanie tops the model’s head and echoes the navy and green components of the cardigan. Although the stripes are mismatched, the colours that they have in common brings them together. I’d have preferred to see solid boots in navy, black or toffee because my eye wants to rest at toe boxes. But these colour-blocked boots are fashion-forward with the outfit.

3. Four Stripes

This outfit consists of four skillfully pulled together horizontal and vertical striped items. There are five stripes if you count the tuxedo stripe down the side seams of the pants. It helps that the stripes are only two-toned, and that they share a navy stripe. These elements are what creates cohesion between the striped components. A navy and white striped shirt is combined with a pair of toffee and navy pinstriped wide leg pants with side slits. A red and navy pullover tops the shirt which is left untucked to showcase more of its vertical stripe. White loafers pick up the white of the shirt, and are worn with navy and white striped socks that echo the stripes of the shirt. The sock effect is subtle because it’s hidden unless the wearer sits or strides.

4. Striped and Blocked

And last, an extra bold option. Faded denim relaxed straights are combined with a multi-coloured horizontal striped turtleneck. It’s topped with a navy and toffee colour-blocked trench coat. Jeans in a dark blue denim would create less contrast between the bottoms and trench coat, which might be more your cup of tea. White loafers match the white stripe in the turtleneck. They are worn with green striped socks that partly match the green stripe in the turtleneck. The earthy toffee blocking of the coat complements the red hair of the model. Delightful!