I could not resist...when I returned from my hike I got dressed in my version of today's formula, #1. I'll try the others out eventually, too.

Stripes here are the top, the sweater, the socks (which you can't see), and the boots. All blue and white, except the boots which have black soles and sides.

What think you of the boots? These are the Top Pick Lagunas. I just received them. I have not purchased a new fashion boot (as distinct from a strictly gear boot) since 2019, which for me is a long time. I still have a nice bootie collection (see below) so it is not as if I lack options, but most are a shorter shaft and pointed toe. The black Blondos are pretty much toast, and the taupe suede are also looking a bit tired; I will probably retire both at the end of this year. But the snake print and silver are still in good condition.

White!! Will I wear it? I did once have a dressier cream bootie which I liked a lot and wore with dressy fall/winter/spring outfits, but honestly I did not have enough occasions for it and eventually passed it on. This is a different creature since it has the platform sole, it is a Chelsea style (easy on/ off) and it is waterproof. So it is much more casual and possibly more wearable than my earlier light coloured bootie.

Does it bookend my hair, do you think? It will definitely work with other white/ light tops and my white coat, so I can bookend my clothes. However, that will shorten the leg line, as here.

I had to add a plantar fasciitis heel thingie here to get a fit, but it seems comfortable and lightweight now that I have done so.

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