Think they are killer, please keep-they will work great with your outfits adding a bit of bookending to your silver white hair and a great contrasted highlight to your darker outfits!
Then, I am also with Lisap wanting me a cream one with a tan (light) sole, which I hope to work better with my blonde hair and my tans in my own wardrobe. I do have a white&bl one (very similar to the one of Suz's) but it felt a bit too bright for me and my outfits last winter.

Please keep - the bookending is perfect and who can say no to waterproof? Your post sent me down the rabbit hole of Laguna boots and I found the "tawny brown" ones on a major markdown at Nordstrom this morning.
While they won't bookend my hair, I've been looking for a boot in this color and I really need waterproof for the winter

Fantastic outfit, Suz! The black gore mitigates any leg-shortening effect, too, to my eye.

Yaas! I like your version more than the inspo ones!

Suz, the boots look beautiful on you, perfect with your hair and your style.
The outfit is totally TDF!