I enjoyed this article about how costumer Jenny Beavan told the story of “Mrs Harris Goes to Paris” via (Dior) clothes.

As a fan of detective series, I also thought “Reassuring, timeless, safe: how Angela Lansbury set the style for female TV sleuths” was a good read.

Lastly, “Stuffed in a shoebox, seized by the FBI: the amazing fates of Hollywood’s greatest dresses“, has some interesting facts!

Fab Links from Our Members

Nuancedream rarely wears black, but found this article on the hidden meanings of black fascinating. She adds: “I wish I had the opportunity to see the exhibit Balenciaga in Black.”

Suntiger came across this article about why women’s clothing doesn’t have pockets. Read forum member Ginger’s instructive comment here to learn more about this topic.

Is My Body About to Go Out of Style?” Runcarla has been thinking about this article off and on since reading it a month ago. She says: “It’s kind of hard to read, and as a person who finds beauty in diversity — it troubles me when one body type is singled out (as ideal) over others.”

Roberta loved this article about how “fleather”, a vegan leather made out of flowers, was born.

She is also thrilled that The Met has made the entire Kimono Exhibit available online.

Mary Beth directs us to this YouTube video in which Elizabeth Debicki, who portrays Princess Diana in season five of “The Crown”, breaks down Diana’s most memorable looks for Vogue.

Stagiaire Fash stumbled upon this Instagram reel: When your nail polish colour appears to be a problem.

Minaminu thought this BBC article about 5 materials that are bad for wildlife was interesting.

She also recommends the documentary “She’s French“, now available on Netflix, that investigates the cliché of the French woman as the chic ideal of fashion and beauty campaigns.