These looks might inspire you if you like to wear very simple, dressier outfits that are solid, more neutral than non-neutral, and very light on the accessories. Some will look at these outfits and think YES, that’s how I dress or aspire to dress. Others might desperately want to add a few statement accessories, some colour, and a pattern. I like the outfits just the way they are, but I’d like them more adorned, brighter and accessorized too. Most of all, I like the fluidity and roominess of the silhouettes.

1. Solid Dress and Black Gladiators

A very fluid, unstructured soft silky teal dress is combined with a pair of black dainty gladiators. The black sandals bookend the model’s hair. If you click the link, you’ll see the model wearing diamond stud earrings. That’s it! Practically, the outfit needs a bag for stuff because pockets don’t always do the trick. But maybe you’ll manage just fine without a bag.

Solid Dress and Black Gladiators

2. Tunic Over Relaxed Jeans

A sleeveless straight maxi shirt is worn as a tunic over relaxed straight jeans, or slim boyfriends that are rolled at the hems to showcase more of the lower leg. I love how the shirt is buttoned through to the collar and popped to create a tuxedo shirt effect. Neutral heeled toe-loop sandals and a bracelet complete the look. I like this outfit best for my own style, and would wear it with white loafers, ballet flats or flat sandals. I’d add a bag in white, citron, red, blush, shocking pink, orange, or light blue, and my watch and white pearl arm candy.

Tunic Over Relaxed Jeans

3. Neutral Dress and Topper

A fluid black tiered midi dress is defined at the waist with a tie, and topped with a lightweight and very boxy short jacket with dropped shoulder seams and puffed sleeves. Black clog sandals match the dress. Dainty drop earrings, a couple of bracelets and a ring complete the look. I see a black, olive or tan bag too.

Neutral Dress and Topper

4. Black and White

Wearing a pretty black top with white pants, jeans, shorts, or a skirt, and black footwear is a great way to dress when you like to wear black and white in Summer. Here, a pair of white lantern pants is paired with a soft, swingy, and flowing high-low black textured blouse. The sheerness of the blouse is offset with a tucked black camisole. Dainty black sandals finish off the look and match the model’s hair and top. Flirty!

Black and White