The Guardian asks: “Can we enjoy fast fashion without destroying the planet?

They also have tips on how to pick a dry-cleaner that’s good for the environment — and you.

In Harper’s Bazaar, author Alec Leach explains how mindful shopping could be the “true path to sustainability”.

Fab Links from Our Members

Nuancedream had no idea that NASA branded clothing is in demand, and actually has been for a while now.

Runcarla thought this was an interesting read: “How to Rethink Recycling When It Comes to Clothing Waste.”

Jaime adds that this article takes a realistic look at the problem. The author admits that “just throwing away your old, unwearable clothes is sometimes the best solution: That’s better than kidding yourself and sending your trash overseas for other people with far fewer resources to deal with in far worse circumstances.”

Stagiaire Fash directs us to this article about a female reporter who was initially refused to witness an execution of a death-row inmate because her skirt and shoes violated a prison dress code.

UmmLila recommends having a look at this article about travel garb: “Travelers want to be comfortable and practical but overly casual dressing at the airport might not be the ticket.”

Although the article is not fashion and style-related, these 20 simple ways to bring positive energy into our lives is something Angie likes to read regularly because it affects our state of mind in a good and productive way! 

Vildy enjoyed Justine Leconte’s ‘French culture vs. German stereotypes since I moved to France‘ video, and this one about ‘Scandinavian style vs. French style feat. Jenny Mustard‘. She adds: The fashion and jewellery designer grew up in France, lived in New York, and then Germany for a long while before moving back again to France. It’s hard for us to see our own culture but now she can, coming to it afresh.”