There were some really helpful comments on my footwear and bunions post. In particular, Sole Bliss and Calla Shoes came highly recommended as brands dedicated to offering beautifully luxe footwear that is comfortable, fashionable, high-quality, fab fitting for wide feet, feet with bunions, and sensitive soles. They also tackle other foot challenges like diabetic neuropathy, over pronation, Mortons neuroma, arthritic joints, plantar fasciitis and hammer toes. 

Sole Bliss footwear is handcrafted in Italy and Spain, and their designers work closely with podiatrists. Calla Shoes are handcrafted in Portugal and designed in England. These brands provide footwear with wide-fitting toe boxes, hidden stretch panels, ultra soft materials, cushioning, and arch supported insoles. Each brand offers pumps, sneakers, sandals, flats, loafers, oxfords, wedges and boots across a range of neutrals, non-neutrals, and patterns,

Sizes run from US5 to 11, or Euro 36 to 42. Prices are quite high, but comparable to other high-quality footwear. There are good end-of-season sales too. Remarkably, there are dressier shoe options, which tends to be the hardest to find when struggling with shoe fits, foot challenges, and extreme discomfort. By all means browse the offerings and let us know in the comments section if you have first-hand experience with either brand.

Sole Bliss

Calla Shoes