When I talk about animal print, I’m normally referring to a pattern that approximates or takes inspiration from the patterned hide or skin of animals like cheetahs, leopards, snakes, giraffes, zebras, cows, Dalmatians, crocodiles, and ponies. 

Today I’m talking about a different type of animal print. One that showcases the picture of the animal itself in a print or pattern. These can appear on just about any wardrobe item, or in the graphics of tees, sweatshirts, and knitwear. They can be depicted in an abstract or more realistic way, and in any colour.

I’ve found that across my friends, family and clientele, this type of more literal animal print will appear in their wardrobes more frequently than expected when the animal pulls at their heartstrings. Scarves, flannel pyjamas, knitwear, sweatshirts, tees, casual tote bags, toiletry bags, and socks with animals on them are particularly popular. Although they aren’t patterns, brooches of animals are gaining momentum too.

Personally, this type of animal print is something I am growing more and more fond of, and its earning its place in my wardrobe. Dogs and horses are my favourite animals, and Yorkshire terriers are my favourite dogs of all. I can’t help but be drawn in very emotionally when I see these animals in patterns on wardrobe items. That’s why I have knitwear, pyjamas, a dress, socks, brooches, and a bag with these animals on them. In fact, very dear friends had the photographs of our Yorkies Sam and Jo printed on a pair of long socks for me. Best socks in my drawer.

Here are some of the other animal print items from my wardrobe. A horsey dress, and the rest are dogs.

My favourite wild animals are giraffes and zebras. Knowing that, hubs Greg chose a citron silk blouse with these animals in the pattern as a recent birthday gift. I LOVE this blouse, and it’s my favourite of all time. It’s brighter in person than in the stock photo. Not only does it feel magically luxe, dressy, and is in one of my happy colours, the animals in the pattern make it extra special. I wear it fully tucked into white jeans, and want to wear it all the time.

Over to you. Do you wear animal prints of this nature in a wardrobe item? Maybe you prefer to wear it more discreetly in the form of sleepwear or socks?