I turn 52 tomorrow, and I’m excited. We love birthdays at the Cox Castle and celebrate all month long. I’ve spent most of the week working long hours with clients at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but I’m taking today and the weekend off to do fun things with hubs Greg, and Yorkies Sam and Jo. An abundance of tasty food, tea and cake is guaranteed.

Reflecting back on what it means to be a year older and hopefully wiser, I think hard about what hubs Greg and I want from life right now and in future, and how we can go about achieving it. Building our bucket list together is therapeutic, motivating, and hopeful. As we figure out which paths to follow, which experiences to prioritize, and which life goals to pursue, I find the uncertainty of it all somewhat stressful. But that is part of life’s rich adventure — both exhilarating and nerve-wracking — and yet another thing to be grateful for. It feels good to have a range of options, to not be too boxed in, and to have a set of plans to work towards.

Despite being an enthusiastic planner of just about everything, I try to be equally aware of living in the moment so that life does not pass us by. It’s an ongoing goal to seize opportunities, live in the present, be more serendipitous, and make every day meaningful.

One of my clients talked about being determined to look back on herself with kinder eyes when browsing through old photographs. We are often our harshest critics so I was greatly inspired by that. I’m taking it a step further by looking at myself with kinder eyes, full stop, and inviting you to do the same.

I wear what I like, and I’m confident in my choices. I continue to have fun with fashion and style, because it’s an enjoyable creative and social outlet that relieves stress and gives back to me each day. Looking older is not the enemy, and being older brings the benefits of memories and experience. Cheers to making more memorable moments and feeling comfortable and more grateful in our skin all the time.