I was in need of a giggle this week, and Reductress delivered. Maybe these will make you smile too:

Breaking: The First Outfit You Had on Was the One:

“It’s just a lot to process at the moment,” you said. “I’m on outfit number 12 right now, so it’s pretty hard to accept that I could’ve stopped eleven outfits and two rage-cries ago.”

Hairdresser Has Own Definition of Inch:

“I was gonna say something, but then a week later it looked fine?” said Maltby. “And she’s a really good hairdresser. I mean, she doesn’t cut my hair the way I want, so I don’t know why I said that. But she is?”

Fab Links from Our Members

Stagiaire Fash has seen this sentiment expressed in the YLF forum; people should be free to dress up (or down!) as they choose.

Runcarla is wondering about the impact of Barbiecore on fashion: Greta Gerwig’s movie “isn’t due for release until next summer, but already there seems to be a hint of a fringe trend to come. I don’t know if I’m down for all the pink, but I like the idea of bright colours!”

She also found herself nodding along with a lot of what this fashion and style editor wrote about her capsule wardrobe.

This article on sustainable fashion really resonated with nuancedream, particularly the decision to mend or significantly alter an item of clothing. She says: “I have a vintage silk bowling shirt that belonged to my husband’s father altered to fit me. It was a complicated alteration and took several months to complete. The personal value of the shirt as well as the connection to the father-in-law I never had the opportunity to meet is priceless.”

Minaminu enjoyed this article about the upcoming Africa Fashion exhibition at the V&A, and just booked a ticket!

Vildy enjoyed this video about Japanese style: “In Japan, fashion magazines are thriving but they don’t have the monolithic editorial viewpoint that I recall from years of reading U.S. ones. Instead, they examine eras and trends from a template point of view. People study how to put outfits together and then refine them. And it is this refinement or improvement that garners respect for the individual.”