Halternecks are on-trend again, after wafting in and out of fashion every decade or so. While they enjoy their fashion moment, we’re seeing them on dresses, tops, and swimwear in an assortment of colours, patterns and fabrics. They vary in silhouette. Some are backless, and some have criss-cross front-strap detailing. Some necklines cover the décolletage, and some don’t. Some bare the midriff. Some fits are fluid, and others tailored and body-con. Some are casual and others dressier. The silhouettes are cut away at the shoulder-neck-point to expose the shoulders and arms, but some styles are more cut away and expose more skin than others.

Here are some examples.

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If you’re on Team Sleeveless Alluring Shoulders, halternecks are one way to go. They require a strapless bra, a halterneck bra, supportive breast cups, or you can leave off the bra. They are very breezy, beachy, Summery, and great in high heat when you don’t want to cover up, although you can layer over them with ease.

Some halterneck styles are skimpier than others, so find a silhouette that exposes and conceals in a way that makes you feel comfortable and fab. Some enjoy the high-necked and cris-cross versions, whereas others prefer the tank tops and blouses with cut-away shoulders. Some prefer a covered décolletage and back whereas others don’t. Some like a lot of underarm coverage.

I don’t have halterneck wardrobe items at the moment, but I’m a YAY. The silhouettes look awfully pretty, interesting, and alluring to my eye. I love the look of exposed shoulders. I like the dresses with criss-cross front detailing, and some of the fluid tops. I prefer my halternecks covered under the arms and over the midriff, but backless is okay. I wore them when I lived and worked in hot climates in Africa and Asia, and would wear them again. But infrequently because I prefer to cover up when I’m outside in the sun, and air conditioning is freezing. But as I mentioned, it’s easy to layer a jacket or cardigan over a halterneck. It can be annoying to wear a strapless bra, but there are excellent options these days.

At the moment, I’m considering a halterneck one-piece swimsuit, although I might go for a one-shoulder style instead. It’s exciting to have options.

Over to you. What’s your verdict on halternecks?