A two-way zipper can be opened from both the top and the bottom of the zip. They are sometimes called double or dual zippers. A two-way zipper can function like a normal zipper, opening or closing the garment completely from either end. They are most common on coats and jackets, but also found on tops and cardigans. 

The two-way zipper allows you to unzip the bottom part of the garment while the the top part stays zipped up. That way you have extra room on the bottom of a coat or jacket as you stride, facilitating movement. It can be more comfortable to sit, or drive in a coat or jacket that unzips at the bottom if you prefer to keep things zipped up.

I remember wearing fluidly structured cardigans with two-way zippers back in the ‘90s and loving them for layered looks. I liked the way I could create structure around my shoulders and torso by keeping the top part zipped, but show what I was wearing underneath by unzipping the bottom part. I’d wear that look again.

Currently, three of my puffers have two-way zippers. They are handy for the longer silhouettes because the extra room that is created by unzipping the bottom zipper a little is welcome when walking. I leave the last button of some of my wool coats un-buttoned for the same practical effect. I don’t use the two-way zipper on my short puffer. It’s usually completely zipped through like the product photo.

The two-way zipper is a functional and practical design feature that I enjoy, so I’m a YAY. That said, it’s not a dealbreaker if my zippered coats and jackets have a one-way zipper. Most of them do, and they work well. Some of them have both buttons and zippers — like the raincoats — in which case I use the buttons to close the topper, but leave the last button un-buttoned to create a two-way zipper effect.

Over to you. What are your thoughts on clothing with two-way zippers? Do you like them, and use them, or doesn’t it matter.