I mentioned in my style goals for 2022 that I’m prioritizing clothing, footwear, and accessory brands that generally work well for my sartorial preferences, body type, budget, quality expectations, and conscience. That way my style stays focussed, shopping time is reduced, items are more easily replenished and replaced, and I’m set up for success when shopping online

Instead of keeping a running list in my head of the brands, I’ve typed them out so that important ones don’t fall off my radar when I haven’t bought from them for a while. That way I can easily refer to the list, and add new brands as I find them through my shopping adventures.

To get the list of my brands, I went to my wardrobe page in YLF Finds, where apart from wardrobe basics like undies, loungewear, socks and workout wear, my current wardrobe is accurately recorded and updated. I listed the brands of the items in my wardrobe and popped them into Clothing, Footwear, Accessory and Basics categories. I also added brands that have worked well for me in the past, but aren’t currently represented in my wardrobe.

Of course, brands that work well for me now can change their fits, commitments to quality assurance, ethical values, and handwriting, making them unsuitable in future. While I prioritize and am loyal to the brands that generally generate joy and give me the biggest bang for my fashion buck, I am very open to looking at new brands. I will carefully but happily add them to my list if the items make the cut.

Maybe you’ve created a list of your brands, or have another way of remembering brands that tend to work for you. Or you might prefer to leave things up to chance as you replenish and update your wardrobe. Maybe you just enjoy trying new-to-you brands more than I do. Let us know in the comments below.