Think of an extra long sweatshirt with a length that finishes somewhere between the middle of the thigh and the top of the ankle, and you’ve got yourself an on-trend sweatshirt dress. They are made of French terry, fleece, or rugby jersey, and are super soft. Silhouettes are usually fluid or oversized, sleeved, and sometimes hooded. Necklines are high, but zippered versions open up the neckline. Occasionally there’s a fitted, or mixed-media version. Sometimes there is drawstring detailing to define the waist. Most are solid, and some are patterned, embroidered, or colour-blocked. Some have fun side entry pockets. Sweatshirt dresses are more substantial than T-shirt dresses. Some look more athletic than others. Here are some examples:

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These ultra-relaxed dresses can be worn on their own, or over leggings, skinnies, or hosiery. For footwear, sneakers are a slam dunk, but so are Birkenstocks and casual boots. They are soft, cosy, and very comfortable. You can wear them out and about, to the beach, use them as a swimsuit cover-up, or wear them at home. They make pretty good loungewear too. With more people working at home, the trend has gained momentum and is mainstream.

I keep looking at these dresses because their casual vibe appeals to me. I’d wear them with sneakers and bare legs in the Spring or Summer. I’d pop a denim jacket over the top if I needed an extra layer. A moto or bomber jacket would work too. I haven’t found one in a midi length that is gently fluid with a very neat and tidy hood in a colour that I like yet. But when I do, I will give it a go.

Over to you. What do you think of the sweatshirt dress trend?