Sometimes, when you’re wearing a long Summer knitted T-shirt dress or a woven one in a similar silhouette, it’s oh-so-comfy, breezy and easy, but can feel a bit shapeless. If it’s A-line or has side slits, you can tie a knot in one of the front corners. This creates an interesting asymmetrical hemline with a magical diagonal line. It shortens and tapers the hemline a little, and adds an interesting touch. These small visual changes add effective structure to the silhouette.

Here the same dress is shown in blue and red. The red version on the right has had the front corner of the hem knotted. The unknotted blue looks great too. But in case you prefer the silhouette with a little more structure, you can try tying the knot. The knotting trick can work with tunics too.

The knot leaves hectic creases when unknotted so you have to commit to wearing the dress with the knot until it needs the laundry. Or press out the creases. I know some readers are knotting dresses and tunics already, because I’ve seen members of the YLF forum do it with panache.