There is lots to consider before a wardrobe item earns a place in your wardrobe and style. Is it the right colour, size, length, fit and silhouette? Can it be altered to fit? Do you like the fabric? Is the item easy to launder? Has it been sustainably and ethically produced? Is it comfortable and practical? Does it work for your climate and lifestyle? Is it in line with your style moniker and aspirational style? Is the price point within your means? Is it on your shopping list?  Is it on your “do not buy” list? Does it work well with existing items? Is it unnecessary duplication? Does it fill a wardrobe hole? Is it more of the same? Is it enough of a change? Is it within your comfort zone? Does it work in your environmental norm? Does it work for the intended occasion? Do you like it, or love it? Do you feel great in it? Does it make you happy? 
These are the types of questions we might ask ourselves before we commit to purchasing or keeping a wardrobe item.
This got me thinking about whether there is ONE component about a wardrobe item that is more important than the rest. At first I thought it was the fabric. But that’s not the case, although it’s a close second. For me, it’s the colour. And by colour I mean both neutrals and non-neutrals. A potentially perfect wardrobe item in the wrong colour(s) is a non-starter for me. It doesn’t matter how many of the boxes it ticks, I will not be happy wearing the item if the colour isn’t just right. This accounts for the numerous incredible items I have left on retail racks because they were black or grey. 
This doesn’t mean that the colour is the only important component. Not by a long shot. But it’s the part I cannot change. And since assorted colours in just the right shades feature heavily in my style, I have to be strict about keeping certain colours in, certain colours out, and making sure that things match. Some people will venture into fun DIY dying projects to create the right colour for an item, but I am not that person. Instead, I will wait patiently for the right item in the right colour to come along. 
Over to you. What is the most important component of a wardrobe item for you? I’m pretty sure that answers will vary because what is important to one person, is not as important to another.