Generally, I don’t buy items to fulfill a future need, but found myself doing just that last month. I love my pair of long Wit & Wisdom dark denim shorts that I got for a Mediterranean beach and pool capsule almost two years ago. The pandemic happened and our trip was cancelled. The shorts have gone unworn because I keep them with my swimwear capsule.

On a whim a couple of weeks ago, I was in a shorts dressing mood. So I pulled them out to wear with a tucked oversized linen shirt, just to change things up from the skirts, dresses, printed pants, and white jeans that I wear all Summer long. I wear the shorts unrolled and covering my knees. I loved them, and hubs Greg was quick to compliment them too.

As I was wearing them that day, I thought about how much I would like them in white. To my surprise, they came in white, were on sale, and available in my size. I ordered them right away. They are GREAT, and I like them even more than the blue. They look so Summery and crisp in the white. I guess I am longing for that long overdue beach vacation.

The new white shorts are keeping the old blue pair company in a drawer with the rest of my swimwear capsule, patiently waiting for the beach and pool vacation we will have at some point. Because the shorts are simple, classic, easy, a perfect fit, and did not break the bank, I didn’t mind purchasing them for a future purpose. They can go unworn for a while like my swimwear. That said, I might pull the shorts out to wear if the mood strikes me, and not wait for that beach vacation.

Over to you. Have you bought items for future use simply because you stumbled upon the right item, and they fit into your budget at the time?