Ten years ago, it was a landslide victory with almost everyone batting for Team Black Neutrals. I’m taking the poll again to see if things have changed. You are on Team Black Neutrals if you prefer to wear solid black and/or black in patterns. You are on Team White Neutrals if you prefer to wear solid white, and/or white in patterns. Note that white includes all shades of white like bone, off-white, ivory and cream. You can still pick a side if you don’t wear black or shades of white — just choose the option that most tickles your fancy.

Ten years ago, I was on the bench because I wore both solid black and shades of white. I also wore black and white patterns, and was happy to have either black or white as the background to a colourful pattern. Slowly but surely, and over the course of many years, I phased out black and replaced it in my wardrobe with dark blue, which I prefer as a dark neutral for my style. I am now at the point where I do not have a single solid black clothing item, and want to keep it that way. I don’t mind a bit of black in a pattern, but prefer to keep it to a minimum.

White wardrobe items have been my thing for a very long time, and across many shades of white. I LOVE wearing white footwear, pearls, jeans, sunnies, bags, and tops. It works well with my complexion, and adds the freshness and crispness I aspire to in my outfits. I bat for Team White Neutrals.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Black or Team White Neutrals? No batting for both Teams. But if you can’t pick a side, there’s a feast of sushi and edamame on the bench with a gigantic Toblerone for dessert. The big Toblerones taste better than the smaller ones!

I’m pretty sure Team Black Neutrals will once again win the race, but wonder if more people will bat for Team White or Team Bench this time round. Let’s hear it.