Today I want to share two recent style inspirations. One is quite general, and the other is very specific.

I spent a lot of time in the Netherlands last month. As always, I was inspired by how pulled together and interesting people look, in the most practical and real way. The street styles are hip, practical, casual and Trendy Classic. I especially admire how those older than me get on with life with verve, stamina, humour, and a great sense of style. People frequently wear jeans and pants because the Dutch bike and walk almost everywhere, although you see a lot of shirt dresses and flared skirts in the Summer too.

Generally flat, with an incredible system of designated bike paths, the country is set up for biking. It’s a very healthy way of life, and I love it. It definitely impacts what people wear, which is generally casual, current, comfortable, and with shoes that go the distance. My own style is a little dressier, yet I relate to a lot of how people dress in the Netherlands. I aspire to dressing just as stylishly when I grow up.

Second, I’d like to thank an 80-year-old client who I’ve had the pleasure of working together with for fourteen years. She has a very good eye. Five weeks ago, she wanted my opinion on a pair of Pilcro floral slim boyfriend jeans from Anthropologie. She modelled them for me, and I absolutely adored them on her. They are fun, very flattering, fluidly tailored, lightweight, comfortable, and fably on-trend. My client wears them with panache and confidence, which is just how it should be. I could see them becoming wardrobe workhorses for her style, and gave her the big thumbs up. Pandering to my own gung-ho-pattern gene and affection for patterned pants, I got a pair for myself later that week. They were instant Summer favourites that I took with me to the Netherlands, and I’ve worn them many times. Without seeing them on my client, I’d have missed purchasing and enjoying them. Thank you, so much! 

I remix the floral slim boyfriend jeans with a variety of white, blue and blush tops, a white lace camisole, dark and light denim jackets, white sneakers, light blue loafers, and a light blue and blush bag. Here are the exact items from my wardrobe that I used to create outfits with the new blue floral jeans. Yes, I wear denim on denim. Yes, I pattern mix, and yes I’m wearing neutrals from head to toe for a change.

Over to you. Have any inspirations positively impacted your own style recently? If so, feel free to give them a shout-out in the comments below.