You recently saw the dressy BOSS suit:

...and my smart casual dress:

But I also dress very casually! Like in these floral jeans with soft white pineapple shirt, plus lace camisole to amp up the pretty. I wore this exact outfit on my birthday back in July with light blue shoe and bag complement, and have repeated it many times. The jeans are a workhorse! SOOO comfy and playful. I LOVE patterned pants

I tuck the soft shirt for structure, and button-up the tab without rolling the sleeves because I prefer the visual effect.

I wore the jeans a lot on my recent trip to see my Dad in the Netherlands. After my Dad's funeral, and as a very necessary distraction, my brother, hubs Greg and I went out for the day on bikes at the Kroller-Muller museum. It's a sublime outside museum, and you should go if you're in the area. We had a brilliant active and cultural day, and really needed the therapeutic family time.

Polka dot pattern mixing and denim-on-denim works for me too!

Thanks for looking. xo