Thank you all for the awfully kind words. Appreciate it. I will be back to comment more fully later!

In the meantime, hugs back to you Janet. I get how those wounds don't heal. Hang in there and take care. And Irina, great that you enjoyed healing time with sis when it counted the most.

Those jeans are all kinds of awesome on you.

I’m glad you had some happy times too on your trip. The biking looks like a lot of fun. And there’s nothing like getting outdoors to lift the mood. xx

They look great on you!

Your patterned jeans make me smile and you look just as good in casual outfits as you do dressed up. I’m glad you got that family time - thanks for sharing the pictures.

I have to ask, did you request the baby seat for your Furla?

I can't imagine a more perfect idea than an outdoor biking museum these days. So glad you had the family time to reinforce your emotional reserves after your Dad's funeral.
And, of course, you look smashing! The jeans and white blouse are just right for a beautiful Angie-sporty look!

You look smashing as always, Angie! Glad you all had each other for support during such an emotionally difficult time. My heart and thoughts have been with you. Hope you are finding some comfort and joy as you forge ahead.

Those are great jeans! And such a good idea to spend therapeutic family time. It can be all too easy to only see family in times of crisis. It’s important to just enjoy each other too, and lift each other up a bit. I hope your heart is slowly beginning to heal after losing your papa.

Love your very pretty casual outfits. Inspirational.

This casual look is so approachable, while still being true to your style. The flats look beautiful on your feet. I feel excited when I get to open an Angie outfit thread, and am rewarded with a lift when I look at your pictures. Thanks for sharing your fashion joy!

Angie, what a unique and pretty look! So happy you were able to get some respite with your family in the midst of grieving your Papa. xo (My first YLF comment! :))

I love your crisp and pretty outfit of the jeans and white shirt, perfect with your pearls. Good to see the wardrobe pet was well looked after whilst biking.

Beautiful outfit and pics Angie. It seems to me that you match your brother!
Good you had a happy time in the midst of sadness xx

These are just so good on you, Angie!! That's what I call a pair of "happy jeans" if I ever saw one!
And I'm so glad you, Greg and Hugo could spend some quality time together. (Love the museum!!) xxx

I love those jeans and all the ways you’ve styled them (of course the pic with Sam is my fav!).
It’s good to take some time to spend with family after the passing of a parent. Hugs to you.

Casual chic at its best. As usual, you look fresh, fun and fab.

I love your "assertive pretty' style, never fussy, never prim, always ready to be part of the action.

I just keep looking and looking at your outfits - the layers, the details, the patterns. All looks so effortless and just wonderful. I have never in my life ridden a bike while also looking stylish. I'm constantly inspired by you!

Like Lisa P, I am giggling about the Furla bag in the babyseat! WHERE IT BELONGS.

Your brother looks very much like your sweet father.


Wow, you couldn't look any better in jeans! What a great floral print. I wouldn't expect them to look so refined if I saw them on the rack but the way you have styled them is outstanding! YLF as always!!

The fit of those jeans is just SUBLIME on you. You are such an inspiration to hold out for perfect fits! And I adore how you and your brother match

Glad you got some therapeutic outdoor family time in...nothing can beat that.

Thank you for the awfully kind words and compliments. I am in awe of the grace and empathy that can come through in comments. WOW!

I am trying to take today and tomorrow off, so my responses are short

Preppy Pear and Laurie, the bikes come with a baby seat. Greg and my brother put their backpacks in their baby seat. You can see that in pic #8!

Sarah, YES. Such pretty white bikes, and fun that you've been to the museum!

Slim Cat, good observation! We were all wearing blue and white that day.

Heidi, welcome, and sooo fun to see you join the community

Karie, that is sweet little Jo

awe those jeans are just so fun, it is good to have just the right playful clothing to wrap up in when we need a little emotional hug. I also have a lot of family health stress right now and need to remember to wear my cozies too.
I love the Kroller-Muller museum! I visited many years ago and the landscape, bikes and art were a wonderful visit. Im glad to see you are able to have some time for joy as you grieve. hugs

Fantastic jeans! I love how you have styled them.

You make casual chic and classy! Those jeans are incredible Zane I can see why they are getting plenty of wear. Your family day warms my heart. How wonderful that you were able to spend that time together! Your purse along for the ride! Love it!

Appreciate you taking the time to share this as you pursue the chance to have all important time off. Glad you can take good care of yourself. Poignant and lovely to see a family bike ride; great to take in a museum together. New vantage points can be soothing.

Love the floral denim looks you have created. So you! I tried the floral NAS NYDJ ones and plan to pair them with my light blue suede Aquatalia flats and experiment with different tops. . Still seeking my light blue crossbody bag to go with them.

Lovely outfit - and I am pleased you had some fun at a challenging time.

So happy that you were able to have some family bonding time.

This is so cute and fresh and the whites just make you glow!

I would not have thought to pair the jeans with the navy & white polka dot blouse.
I want a Barbie version of you with your whole wardrobe and accessories!!

You are so nice. Thanks for stopping by to drop a line!

AJ, wonderful to see you chime in. And your comment made me LAUGH

I have not been around in awhile. I am so sorry for the loss of your dad. It's a beautiful outfit, I'm so glad for the comfort it brought.

Such great photos. You look awesome, i love those jeans. Your brother looks so much like your dad, it just warms my heart.