Who remembers wearing a flowing soft top with a pair of soft wide pants in exactly the same Summery patterned fabric back in the ‘90s? I do, and I enjoyed wearing the combination. It was one way to stay cool and covered, and very comfortable in hot Asian and African heat. The soft drape of the fabric tempered the boxiness of the silhouettes. I also remember feeling casually pulled together when completing the look with a pair of flat strappy sandals, slides, or platform sneakers. Fabrics were silky, cotton-rich, crepe-y, or viscose based. The ‘90s revival is big at the moment, so the look is back as a fringe trend.

The combination can look a little pyjama-esque, which you either like or you don’t. So take it one set at a time, and decide whether the vibe works for you. If I lived in a climate with a long, hot Summer, I’d be adding a couple of sets to my wardrobe because they are so easy! Here are some versions I particularly liked.

1. V-Neck and Bootcuts

A V-neck blouse is paired with a pair of soft and roomy bootcut pants in the same patterned fabric. The curved hem of the blouse adds structure to the fluid silhouette. The extra long hems of the pants look luxurious, but are treacherous. Please hem them to a safer length. Strappy sandals look gorgeously Summery, and add a bag to match. The sandals bookend the model’s hair and match the pattern.

V-Neck and Bootcuts

2. Avant Garde

This version has lots of volume and I bet looks great in motion. The top is tunic length, and looks a little like a jacket with its patch pockets. The sleeves are cropped, which tempers the volume of the top. The look has been dressed up with dressy heeled sandals. Feel free to also dress it down with a flat Summery shoe.

Avant Garde

3. Resort

Maybe the combination is a good one to wear to a resort at the beach and pool, or over a swimsuit as a cover-up. I’m not sure how practical that is, but visually I like the idea. Here the oversized shirt has been semi-tucked into elastic pants to showcase some waistline, but you can leave it untucked and flowing. And of course, you can add shoes. You can also add jewellery, eyewear, bag, and watch, as desired.