Most of my sneakers are white or blush. They get a LOT of wear because I walk almost everywhere — rain or shine — and they do get dirty. But I like to keep them looking clean and pristine because it amps up the crispness and polish of my style. So I clean them regularly. I do a fair bit of easy and fast daily wiping, and haul out the OxiClean for extensive cleaning.

My sneakers are leather, not canvas. I’ve found that wiping them down with a damp sponge or some paper towel every day, or every few days, takes the edge off the dirt and grime that accumulates over time. It absolutely keeps the white soles looking cleaner for longer. When my sneakers get really dirty, I unthread the white laces and soak them in water and OxiClean for a day. After rinsing and air-drying, I marvel at how sparkling white they are. I also use OxciClean to clean the leather and soles of the sneakers.

Dissolve a bit of OxiClean in water and scrub the sneakers. Scrub the soles vigorously and the leather gently. Allow them to dry in the sun or indoors. Thread the laces back into the sneakers, and Bob’s your uncle. Clean!

Some of our forum members have successfully put their white and light leather or canvas sneakers in the washing machine with stellar results. I haven’t tried this yet, but might do so in future. How do you clean your white and light sneakers?