This collection from Pyer Moss blew nuancedream away. “Inventions” is inspired by the untold story of Black people and the under-celebrated ideas that they brought into the world.

She also “knew that sooner or later Ed Hardy would make a comeback. I’m certain other early aughts brands like True Religion and Miss Sixty may rise again like a phoenix from the ashes.”

This is about grey hair trending at Cannes this year. Runcarla really appreciated the general fashion coverage of Cannes this year because it put the spotlight on quite a few mature women who were looking fabulous.

She also liked the tone of Alyson’s blog post about how being comfortable with one’s age is a stylish thing!

Runcarla also thought this was interesting: “The demise of skinny jeans is giving Levi’s a boost.”

She’s always impressed by how very good YLF forum members manage to look in their outfit posts when you consider they are doing a phone selfie without a lot of editing. Turns out editing is not new! Not even 20th century!

Fashintern directs us to this post about how tech culture is hurting the lingerie industry.

Kkards thought this proves that the new normal is not the old normal, and that no one should ever say never in fashion.

JAileen was outraged to read that female beach handball players are required to wear bikini bottoms while male players do not have to. When the Norwegian team wanted to wear shorts for a match they were fined for doing so.

Suntiger was then pleased to see that singer Pink has offered to pay the team’s fine.

In light of the above, JAileen wanted to add this article about the sexualization of women in sports.

Sloper directs us to this article about the Liberian Olympic team’s wardrobe.

April is reading The Curated Closet with great enjoyment, and adds: “So far, it very much embodies Angie’s YLF values. Plus closets are my thing.”

Classically Casual wanted to share this interview about how Nordstrom is pivoting as shopper habits change during the pandemic.

This article made nemosmom’s inner cosplay nerd cheer: “Finally, female superheroes costumed in something other than high heels and skintight catsuits!”

Vildy got a kick out of this blog post about shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

L’Abeille loved the dress, designed, sewn, and beaded by Inuit women, that new Governor General Mary Simon wore on her installation day.

Chewyspaghetti loves the idea of the Revenge Dress, and already has her own version of it.

Roberta thought this was a good read: “So Your Body Changed During the Pandemic. Here’s How to Rebuild Your Wardrobe.

I’m in my statement jewelry years.” Annagybe says: “Salty language, but really funny, especially to this GenX’er.”

Finally, nuancedream brings our attention to the beautiful, ethical, and sustainable fashion for Muslim consumers and Eid al-Adha. She loved this quote:

“We are entrusted to take care of the earth and to look after it, and that means to be obviously environmentally conscious and not harm the environment and subsequently all the beings that live on it.”