This formula is for Team Untucked Top because the long tank, or sleeveless blouse, looks best when it’s worn over bottoms. The long tank can be a useful Summer addition to your wardrobe, because it’s fluidly breezy, forgiving on the midsection, very comfy, dressier than a T-shirt, and layers well under cardigans and jackets. In its most basic and quiet form, it makes a good wardrobe essential. It provides an effective blank canvas for neck and arm candy too.

Long tanks can be knitted or woven, simple or more styled, and come in all sorts of patterns and colours. Lengths vary.

Here’s a good assortment:

You can pair long tanks with most bottoms. They look good with pencil skirts, although that’s not shown in the outfits below.

1. Two-Piece Jumpsuit

Combine a long tank with a pair of pants in the same colour, or a very low-contrast colour, to create the effect of a jumpsuit. I love the silhouette and movement of the wider pants, but choose a narrower silhouette if that’s more to your taste. Finish off the look with warm-weather shoes. The trendy classic white sneakers here look great too. A denim jacket is a nice way to top off the look if you need a little insulation.

Two Piece Jumpsuit

2. White Bottoms

This is the more familiar long-over-lean look, which continues to be popular because people tend to feel streamlined in these proportions. Combine a long tank with a pair of narrow white bottoms, and finish off the outfit with metallic sandals and jewellery to match. You can create a low or high contrast with the top, and throw in a pattern if you like. The hem on this long tank is straight, which might create too much of a horizontal line. If that’s the case, choose a long tank with an asymmetrical hemline.

White Bottoms

3. Long Shorts

Here’s an A-line version of a long tank with an asymmetrical hem, which adds a good bit of outfit interest because of the magical diagonal lines. For those who like to wear the long-over-lean look, it looks fab over a pair of slim long shorts or clamdiggers. Add slides, mules, Birkies, or sandals, and jazz things up with some bling.

Long Shorts

4. Wide Crops

Combine a long flared tank with a pair of wide crops. The tank is a little shorter than the rest, which elongates the leg line a bit. Add Summery footwear, and a pretty bag to match. The pattern mixing is not essential. The top would look great with solid white bottoms. The black sandals bookend the model’s hair, which works well. I can see pink flats that match the bag work well too. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Wide Crops

Coincidentally, these looks have been styled with sneakers and flat footwear. Throw in heels, platforms, flatforms, and wedges if that’s more your vibe.