Writer, director, and producer Justine Bateman has a new book out, Face: One Square Foot of Skin, that delves into why she, and other women, must grapple with the “imagined reality that older women’s faces” are often thought of as being “unattractive, undesirable, and something to be ‘fixed.'”

In This Guardian article women share why they stopped dyeing their hair during the pandemic, and what it means to them.

Noon, a new multimedia platform, is all about empowering women in midlife, and has enlisted fashion expert Stacey Duguid to regularly share her two cents about style: “Stacey believes in fashion at midlife being a positive part of our daily experience– not about trends, do’s and don’ts but about clothes that enhance our lives and make us feel amazing.”

Fab Links from Our Members

Minaminu loves Bjork and her quirkiness. This article tells the story of her famous dress sense, including the famous swan dress.

Really Though, What Jeans Are in Style Now?” Shevia found this funny and accurate.

Nuancedream directs us to this fascinating blog post on the YKK zipper. She says: “I had no idea about the history of the YKK, but now understand why it is the gold standard for zippers.”

Marlene enjoyed seeing which must-haves stylist Kate Young has at the ready in her fashion tool kit.

Why Is No One Talking About 1930s Shoes?” Vildy recommends watching this YouTube video, and adds: “Have a look at those curved
arched outsoles on the heels.”

Runcarla finds the topic of ‘revenge shopping‘ — buying a bunch of new clothing to celebrate the waning of the pandemic — quite interesting. She wonders how this will square with a desire for ethical and sustainable acquisition of fashion items?