My heart is with intense sour brights, but I also love a soft blush pink. The quiet pastel is very versatile for my style, awfully pretty and romantic, and I wear it year round. Blush functions a bit like another white in my wardrobe. I remix it with citron, turquoise, red, lime green, white, orange, denim blue, shocking pink, light blue and navy. I find blush footwear and accessories especially handy, and build complements with them.

These are the solid blush items currently in my wardrobe. I’m looking to add a solid blush pullover, pair of dressy pants, and coat at some point too.

There are countless ways to wear soft pink. You can choose a cool-toned icy version, or a warmer version that looks peachy. Some versions of blush are much like a shade of tan, so take your pick. Wear a lot of it, or sport it as an accent. Wear it as a solid, or in a pattern. Here are some outfits to inspire you.

1. Berry and Blush

All sorts of rich and dark reds, fuchsias, and purples look wonderful with blush pink. Combine them as tonal solids, or with a patterned item in the same palette. It’s easiest to wear dark berry on the bottom and to combine it with a solid or patterned blush top like they have here. Choose a skirt if that’s more your thing. The tan shoes that finish this look could have been berry or blush instead, with a topper and bag to match. I especially like how the cardigan is buttoned up and worn as a pullover.

Berry and Blush

2. Casual Neutrals and Blush Outerwear

I highly recommend blush pink outerwear if you like the colour enough to sport it in a larger solid surface area. It works well with shades of white, black, grey, blue, earth tones, and denim blue. Of course, you can wear it with non-neutrals too. Choose a dressier or more casual topper and combine it with a pair of blue jeans and a black top. Add black footwear and a bag to match. Here, the black components do a good job of toughening up the pink. Feel free to sport black boots instead of socks and oxfords. The outfit would work equally well with dressier blue jeans and a wool blush coat. Personally, I’d also sub the black components with white and throw in a blush bag.

Casual Neutrals and Blush Outerwear

3. Ballerina Baseball

This one is for Team Tulle. Combine a blush tulle skirt with a white top and sneakers to create a fun juxtaposition. A shirt, tee, blouse, cropped sweatshirt or pullover will do for the top. Tuck or semi-tuck the top if you need to add a bit of structure to the look. Finish things off with a blush baseball cap, a smile, and you are good to go. Feel free to sub the tulle for another type of blush skirt or pair of pants. And dressier white shoes if sneakers aren’t your thing. Add a denim jacket for warmth.

Ballerina Baseball

4. Sporty Luxe

I like the tension between the menswear-inspired components and the pretty pinks, and how the dressy integrity of the items are relaxed with a bit of slouch and sporty footwear. Combine a pair of dressy flared trousers in a shade of dirty pink with a denim shirt. Top things off with a blush blazer in a solid or pattern. Leave the shirt untucked, and add comfy white sneakers. A white layering top in a knit is a good sub for the shirt if that’s more to your taste. Add jewellery, bag, eyewear and watch as desired.

Sporty Luxe

Who else bats for Team Blush?