I’m into wearing dressier trousers on this leg of my style journey, and casual blue jeans are taking a back seat. l do wear my blue jeans, but not as frequently as I used to. I’m loving the change. It’s just how I wanted my style to evolve, especially since I wear fashion sneakers almost exclusively these days. Casual jeans with fashion sneakers just feels a little too casual for my dressy preferences, but dressy trousers with fashion sneakers feels dead right.

This brings me to my search for dressier jeans, which is easy to accomplish when I wear crisp and polished white jeans. But it’s not as easy with blue. I don’t wear solid black anymore, so black jeans are not an option. Dark blue trouser jeans would be a great solution. They were popular about thirteen years ago and several of my clients wore them. They looked dressy and elegant, and the hems had a little swoosh factor too. They were made of regular dark blue denim with a slightly raw denim integrity. The denim was a uniform shade of blue. To keep the vibe dressy, there was no denim topstitching or patch pocketing. The silhouettes were wide legs or bootcuts with side entry pockets. Basically the bottoms were cut like regular trousers but from a rigid piece of dark blue denim, and it’s what I feel like wearing right now. Of course, now that I want to wear them, they don’t exist.

The closest options I can find are the ones in the collection below, but they aren’t quite trouser-y enough. Although super cute, the silhouettes tend to resemble jeans more than trousers. I will probably give them a go, since both manufacturers are sustainable and ethical.

Over to you. Did you wear trouser jeans back in the day, and do you feel like wearing them again like I do?