An ear cuff is an earring that travels up and down the ear. It’s designed to hug the curve of the outside edge of ear so there is no need to have pierced ears. That said, some cuffs are attached to earrings that require pierced ears. 

Ear cuffs come in all shapes, metals, sizes and vibes. Some are simple, and others bejewelled and ornate. They can be extremely dainty, or more chunky. You can wear more than one of them in a single ear. You can wear them on their own, or with other earrings. You can stick to one metal, or you can remix metals and stones. You can keep the look symmetrical or asymmetrical. Generally, anything goes.

Here are some visual examples.

The point of the ear cuff is to showcase the extra ear adornment. That means short hair, hair that is tied back, or longer hair that is tucked back behind the ear in some way. I have never tried an ear cuff so I’m not sure how comfortable they are, but my friends and clients who wear them don’t seem to complain about their fussiness. I guess the simple, small and more streamlined styles are the most comfortable, much like stud earrings that you can’t feel in your ears.

Lots of people wear ear cuffs in my neck of the woods, and in all sorts of combinations. They are worn with every kind of dress code ranging from athletic gear and casual wear, to smart casual, corporate attire, and formal wear. Some wear one and leave it at that. Others create an ear cuff cocktail

I don’t wear earrings of any kind but I’m a YAY for ear cuffs on others. I like how dainty, dressy and pretty they can look, especially when they’re refined and simple. To my eye, the right ear cuffs can look polished and professional too. I like them in multiples and worn on their own. How about you?

VRAI Round Brilliant Diamond Ear Cuff