The Guardian reports that power shoulders are back thanks to seated video meetings in which “waist-up dressing has become the solution to meetings moving from face-to-face to video platforms like Zoom.”

If working from home means you are working from your bed, The Guardian also has some, tongue-in-cheek, tips for bed-based video-call dressing.

Many of us are apparently craving colour to cheer us up: “How lockdown unleashed a thriving online market for colourful clothes“:

“As winter has taken hold, it has been the velvet shirts, blazers and boiler suits in saturated shades of blues, pinks and red that, as Jo puts it, ‘have gone off like a rocket’. ‘We were concerned that if no one was going anywhere they wouldn’t be sure about velvet, but that idea of sitting on your sofa wearing something nice and being comfortable has been popular,’ she says. ‘The lovely jewel colours just make you feel better when you put them on.'”

Fab Links from Our Members

It appears Vogue magazine has some deeper problems than the less than satisfactory Kamala Harris cover photo. Nuancedream hopes the cover photo backlash is the catalyst for some meaningful changes.

Brexit is officially a fact. Minaminu directs us to this article explaining the current teething problems for any type of purchases, fashion included.

Suntiger recommends Debbie Roes’ blog post on feeling good enough, including reflections on wardrobe size and appearance.