Here are three outfits that might be of interest to you if you enjoy a very simple, un-accessorized, slightly architectural, and very comfortable style. The wearer makes a statement with their hair, polish, and the excellent quality of fluid clothing with fab fits. Note that you can add accessories and toppers if that’s your preference, and throw in some denim. In order to maintain the column of colour, keep the toppers the same colour, tonal, or at least very low contrast to the rest of the outfit.

1. Neutrally Sporty

Combine a pair of roomy knitted or woven black pants with a boxier pullover in black, or another neutral that is low contrast to the bottoms. Pair any two dark neutrals for the top and bottom, as long as the result looks like a column of dark neutrals. A pair of black joggers could work too. The volume that is tempered with just enough structure here is what gives it an interesting and modern vibe. It’s all in the cut and fabric of the garment and how it drapes along the contours of your body, so watch for those details. Scrunching sleeves adds a nice bit of structure. I like the way the white sneakers pick up the silver in the model’s hair, but you could finish things off with black or snakeskin footwear. You could also add black sneakers with white soles.

Eileen Fisher Merino Funnel Neck Box Top in Regenerative Wool

2. Earthy Drape

Combine a pair of earthy, roomy pants that are tapered at the hems with a swingy asymmetrical tunic in the same or similar colour. Feel free to sub the pants for a tube skirt if that’s more your thing, or a pair of bootcuts that are fitted on the thighs, but flare out on the lower leg. The shorter sleeves of the tunic add structure to the outfit by showcasing some skin. Black mules bookend the model’s hair, but an earthy shoe or leopard print could work equally well.

Eileen Fisher Cozy Brushed Terry Funnel Neck Tunic

3. Non-Neutral Boxy Structure

This is my favourite of the three because I adore the lines of the silhouettes and the colour. This is a good example of what I call “tailored fluidity,” which is practical, comfortable, and just flattering enough. Combine a non-neutral roomy pullover with a tapered or loosely tapered welt in a weightier knit with a pair of lantern pants in the same non-neutral. Make sure the pullover isn’t too long or you will lose the line of the outfit. The black boots effectively pick up the black elements in the model’s hair. I’ll take the whole outfit but will finish things off with white boots, a blush bag, blush scarf, red coat, and chunky white pearls.

Eileen Fisher Soft Wool Flannel Lantern Pant

Over to you. Are you itching to pop accessories on these outfits like a carefully chosen fun scarf that works with the palette? Or statement earrings, hat, necklace, cuff or eyewear? Or will you wear them just like this.