These looks are for those of us who like to showcase a bit of fun sock in their cold-weather casual pants and jeans outfits. Visible socks can add warmth, a maximal touch, textural interest, and comfort. They often make a look more casual. But in some cases, a sheer trouser sock that resembles hosiery can make an outfit dressier. 

1. Lightly Gauzy

Sheer gauzy socks with self-colour patterns that look like hosiery can add a polished and interesting touch to an outfit. These types of socks usually come in black, which is problematic when you don’t wear a lot of black. But they’re coming through in white and occasionally other colours, so keep your eyes peeled.

Wolford Dylan Socks
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Here, sheer white gauzy socks are worn with white oxfords for a tonal effect. They match the white pullover and create a lovely low contrast with the pale pink casual corduroy pants. A micro-checked jacket in the same palette tops things off. Alternatively, switch all the white to black, and add a darker pair of pants if that’s more your thing.

Nuuly Nellie Corduroy Culottes

2. Maximally Matched

This outfit is neutral and maximal. It’s all about creating a perfect match between a patterned item of knitwear and pair of socks. If you knit, create your own set in any colour and pattern. Throw in a layering top if it’s a cardigan, a pair of bottoms, and footwear that showcases the socks like loafers or oxfords.

Kule Houndstooth Sock

3. Birkenstock Pretty

Here’s a cosy, soft and sparkly take on wearing socks with Birkenstocks. Pair a pretty tee or sweatshirt with a pair of distressed cropped jeans. Finish things off with sparkly socks and Arizona Birkensock sandals. The light-coloured Birkenstocks work well with the pink palette, but you can choose a darker palette. Like a black, navy or grey top with sparkly grey socks and black Birkenstocks.

Anthropologie Ines Shimmer Crew Socks

4. Tonally Cosy

Create a tonal effect from top to toe with shades of a similar colour. This version is blue and grey but choose any colour. A greyish oatmeal pullover is combined with a flecked blue-grey coat that picks up the light neutral of the pullover. Fair Isle socks in the same palette pick up the colours of the pullover, coat, and jeans. Importantly, the roomier jeans are rolled to showcase the socks. Grey boots and a navy bag complement the palette. Add jewellery, watch, eyewear and headgear as desired.

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