By Birkies and Tevas I mean flat and very casual Summer slides and sandals like the examples shown in the collection below.

I see many people on the streets of Seattle wearing socks with Birkenstocks and Tevas. Birkenstocks are more apparent than Tevas. Back when we travelled regularly, it was a popular footwear combination at airports. The once fashion faux pas is now a hip look. I remember my Dad sporting the vibe with Birkie-type slides, socks, and shorts back in the ‘70s. In fact, he still wears Birkie-type slides with socks at age 88, but only indoors.

Most people sporting the vibe here in Seattle are teens and young adults. The socks worn with the look are both high and low contrast. Often, they are white socks. The outfits are very casual, so anything from joggers and shorts, to leggings and jeans with tees, sweatshirts, cardigans, pullovers, puffer jackets, bombers, and beanies. I’ve seen the odd pair of pyjama bottoms too. I seldom see the vibe with skirts, dresses, and formal attire, but you see influencers sport that look on Instagram.

Some people wearing socks with Birkies and Tevas are popping out quickly to grab some coffee and walk their dogs. Others are more deliberate and wear the look all day. My 21 year-old nephew and his mates who live in London wear socks with Birkies or Adidas striped pool slides like a uniform when they are outside. They tend to take their shoes off indoors.

Kule The Sinclair

Kule The Turtleneck

I don’t wear Birkies or Tevas — not even as house shoes — because they don’t work for my feet. But I like Birkies. If they worked for my feet, I would wear them without socks as sandals outside to keep my look crisp and a little dressier. As house shoes at home, I might wear them with socks, much like you wear slippers with socks. So although I don’t wear this vibe, I’m a YAY for others. Almost anything goes these days, so why not!

What’s your take on the combination both for indoors and outdoors?