A more size-inclusive line from Jason Wu, strong reactions to a coat shown on a TV show, and more news from the fashion trenches in November.

Fashion Quote

I really liked what Allison Rhone said about her relationship to beauty in her My Beauty Uniform interview on Cup of Jo:

“As I approach my 40s, I feel the best I have in my life. It makes me think of how much time I spent hating what I looked like. For years, I felt too Black, too big, that my features weren’t right, that I just wasn’t inherently right. The last few years for me have really been about acceptance. I find the more I shave off societal ideals, the more beautiful I feel. Being in digital media is such a joy because there are places to go that are not society’s mainstream idea of beauty. I’ll get more from a Twitter thread of Black women showing what they look like, more than a popular magazine. It’s a radical act for a Black woman to love herself. I try to be radical every day now.”