Teal is a blue-green jewel tone. Some teals are more blue and others more green. They can be mid-toned, dark, or very dark. To me, turquoise is not the same as teal. Turquoise is also a blue-green combination, but isn’t as dark, and is a little warmer than teal because it has more yellow in the mix. 

If you enjoy wearing jewel tones and cool colours, you will probably like teal. That said, I have clients who wear warm earth tones with the best of them, as well as a cool teal. I also have clients who think of dark teal as a neutral, and wear it with everything. These outfits combine a teal topper with black, white and shades of blue. If those are your neutrals, think of adding teal to your wardrobe.

1. Moto

This look is easy to pull together. Combine a pair of faded blue jeans with a white top and snakeskin footwear. Top things off with a teal moto or blazer. A black or navy top can work instead of white. Light blue denim brings out the teal because it creates a contrast, but dark blue denim is great too. Black bottoms are another option.

Eloquii Faux Leather Moto Jacket

2. Wool Coat

A classic knee-length wool coat is very versatile. It can be worn over dresses, skirts, jeans, and pants at just about any length, and don’t worry too much about the difference in hem lengths. Just wear it! Here, a pleated back patterned skirt is paired with a black top, black bag, and black booties to pick up the black in the pattern. A teal coat tops things off, and I don’t think there is any teal in the pattern. It doesn’t match but it goes.

Ellgenc Long Belted Wrap Coat

3. Puffer

A teal puffer is a break from ubiquitous black. Feel free to top it over any outfit like this Athleisure look here. Think joggers, sweatpants and utility pants, with a tee or sweatshirt. I find longer puffers like the one shown here very versatile because they seem to effortlessly balance out the proportions of an outfit. Puffers can be very lightweight these days so you needn’t overheat in a long and heavy one. Light and long is a great option.

Ashley Stewart Belted Puffer Coat

4. The Kitchen Sink

This outfit is a maximal work of art. It effectively combines four patterns – plaid, stripes, floral and snakeskin – in the same colour palette which allows the eye to rest, and pulls the look together. A very texture-rich and dramatic coat in a blue shade of teal tops things off, and is in the same palette. A tee was layered under a midi slip dress, and finished off with tall laced boots, a coat, and newsboy hat. A little ‘60s and ‘70s, and totally delightful. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Who bats for Team Teal topper?

Michael Kors Distressed Shearling Sauvage Coat