Second-hand September, now in its second year, is a campaign — organised by British charity Oxfam — encouraging people to avoid buying new clothing for the entire 30 days of the month to raise awareness of the environmental impact of fashion. More and more people around the globe are joining in, so here are a few links if you’d like to join in:

Fab Links from Our Members

Nemosmom liked this article that talks about how people might get dressed as they return to working in offices.

Nuancedream is excited about L.A.-based brand Almost There with their gorgeous and affordable collection of dresses as well as their commitment to size inclusivity and sustainability.

Liz directs us to this video about sewing the Dior collection: “I was fascinated as they pointed out the hidden details and master craftsmanship that went into these gorgeous items.”

Shevia encourages us to read these two articles about why fashion is not a trivial part of politics, and should not be trivialized (a pet peeve of hers).

Not everyone has the archive of garments that Jane Fonda does, but it is interesting that she has vowed not to buy anything new. Runcarla would like to see her outfits of the day for the past year.

Joy thought this was an interesting read about nail polish. She adds: “I realized years ago that my nails were stronger and healthier when left naked.”

Vildy was was amazed by this article about longing for an old normal, even to the extent of longing for a time we never experienced but imagine is safer and happier. 

She also really enjoyed this interview with Carine Roitfeld from a year ago: “Interesting to hear her talk about growing old, since she’s usually an example of someone who refuses to grow old/up. I guess all her advice to break the rules and be whole-hearted about new ideas wouldn’t sound like much coming from a woman half her age, but I think it shows the importance of enthusiasm in life. Interesting, too, is how she does trust and abide by the advice and opinions of her children. “