Today’s poll is about your preference for sleep attire. Do you prefer a one-piece nightie or T-shirt, or two-piece pyjama separates? Note that any style of nightie counts, from skimpy chemise to covered nightgown, and anything in between. Note that any type of pyjama counts, and it doesn’t need to match, but it does have to be two separate pieces.

I bat for Team Nightie by a billion percent. I do wear pyjamas as loungewear in the evening before I go to sleep, but I have never slept in them. I can’t wear any substantial shorts or pants when sleeping because they bunch up, and I don’t like the feeling of a waistband. A one-piece nightie or sleeping T-shirt stays put when it’s the right length. It needs to be simple, roomy, very soft, and not too wide at the neck. If it’s a T-shirt it mustn’t be too wide at the neck. When it’s very hot, I enjoy a long silky chemise. But more often than not, a nightie that looks like a very long T-shirt.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Pyjamas or Team Nightie? Tell us why and no batting for both teams. I know very few people who wear nighties, so my guess is that Team Pyjamas will win this poll. I know that others experience the bunching with nighties or T-shirts the same way I do with pyjamas. We can be so different! I’m serving sanitized takeout boxes with broccoli quiche, hot purple potato salad, and pomegranate iced tea at the bench if you can’t pick a side.