I have short hair that needs a professional cut and foil every six weeks. My hair is easy to style until week five. By week six it looks unkempt, out of shape, and I am very ready for a cut and highlight refresh. 

It’s been nine weeks since my last cut and foil because of COVID-19 shutdowns. The colour looks fine because I’m a natural blonde. The regrowth of my roots is subtle and not that noticeable. I do not have grey hair yet. But my short asymmetrical haircut looks out of shape, and is getting difficult to style. My next cut is in four weeks, if salons are even open by then.

So I asked hubs Greg to cut my hair.

We do not have hair-cutting tools at home. But Greg has a pair of beard clippers, so that’s what we used. I asked Greg to trim the darker bottom back bit so that it looks less straggly. He did not touch the top lighter portion of my hair at all. He also took a regular razor to trim the edges and fluffy bits. The result isn’t bad at all!

DIY Haircut

DIY Haircut

It’s AMAZING how much better I feel about my hair just by neatening up the bottom part. It has successfully taken the edge off. Hopefully by mid May I can have a professional cut and foil again. In the meantime Greg was blessed with the best hair. It grows into a stylish longer look with ease. He continues to trim his beard to look neat and well-groomed. Yorkie Sam is sporting the hippy woolly sheep look, and is as adorable as can be.

Over to you. With salons shut down, how are you handling your growing hair? Are you also on Team DIY Trim? If you colour your hair, how are you managing the regrowth of your natural colour?