You’re on Team Jeans if you prefer wearing jeans to pants, and vice versa. Note that any type of denim bottom counts as jeans, as long as they aren’t denim shorts or skirts. They can be any wash, colour, pattern, silhouette, width, fit and length. Note that any type of non-denim pants count as pants, except for shorts and pyjamas. The pants can be dressy, or casual, and any colour, pattern, fabric, silhouette, width, fit and length. Leggings and joggers count too.

I LOVE jeans. Here is my current collection:

I LOVE pants too. Here is my current collection:

I enjoy wearing pants and jeans equally. Both are equally represented in my wardrobe. Bottoms are the trendier aspect of my style, as I tend to keep my tops more Modern Classic. Now that I have a larger assortment of the right types of pants for my climate and lifestyle, I wear them as frequently as my jeans. I find them just as comfortable and enjoy their dressy versatility. Most of all, I enjoy that my pants take me out of my jeans rut when the weather is too cold to wear skirts and dresses.

Since I can’t choose, I’m sitting this one out on the bench. Everyone with me is welcome to the feast of veggie and tofu stir fried noodles, onion pancake, and fruit salad, all packed in take-out boxes so that we can practise social distancing.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Jeans or Team Pants, and tell us why?