With salons and hairdressers closed, some of us are probably considering doing some DIY touch-ups at home. Here are tips for what to do and not to do:

Fab Links from Our Members

Bijou thought this article captures the joy that dressing up can have in these strange times.

Jewelry and Coronavirus: What to Know About Washing and Safety.” Nuancedream says: “I only wear my gold wedding band on a daily basis, but I decided to give my gemstone rings a rest precisely because of the frequent hand washing, sanitizing, and moisturizing.”

These two articles on DIY haircuts were enough to convince Runcarla not to pick up the scissors or clippers!

Fashintern wonders if any Australian Fabbers have spotted or worn costumes like the ones in this article.

La Belle Demimondaine has learnt so much about fashion history, and the ‘tranformation gown’ in particular, by watching these YouTubers trying to recreate the March sisters’ outfits in Little Women.

On the topic of Little Women, Jenn found this article about ‘cottagecore’ pretty interesting: “I’ve definitely seen this look on Instagram, and it makes strange sense in this unusual time.”

Nemosmom wanted to share an article that talks about how fashion changed after the depression, and theorizes how fashion might change when Corona-craziness dies down.

Mystery writer Laura Lippman started wearing unexpected things from her closet during the quarantine. Janet loves that she’s having fun with fashion at a time when many of us (herself included) are actually taking a break from it.

Vildy enjoyed this video on “how to steal the outfits for less, Free People edition“. Vildy thought they really pulled it off by also duplicating the stance and the expressions from the product photos.