Moto or biker jackets are a hard-edged modern classic when they are tailored, black, quite short, and finished off with silver or black hardware. They’re trendier when they’re oversized and longer, and even more unique in a colour other than black. These outfits playfully celebrate the classic black moto jacket although there’s a twist in the last two looks. Note that moto jackets can be leather or pleather.

1. Layered Dress

The interesting layers here caught my eye. A high-contrast turtleneck is layered under a woolly sheath sweater dress and topped with a classic black moto. A unique pair of tall sock boots adds insulation below the hem of the dress, and by all means add hosiery for warmth. A pair of tailored black booties would work well too. A gigantic scarf that’s wrapped around the neck adds excellent insulation.

Universal Standard Rita Ribbed Sweater Dress With Pockets

2. Stripes and Red Pants

This outfit looks as classic as it does trendy because of the way the items have been remixed. The choice of bold red bottoms, as opposed to a more demure black, grey or dark blue pair of pants, makes things playful. Combine a pair of red pants or skirt with a light blue striped blouse or shirt. Finish things off with a classic black moto and dressy pair of black tailored boots, and Bob’s your uncle. A classic striped tee could work too.

Mango Zipped Biker Jacket

3. Dark Column of Colour

To my eye, this outfit looks fabulous and a whole lot more interesting because the classic moto is DARK BLUE and not black. It brings the column of black underneath it to life, and adds an unexpected twist. Granted, I’m not that fond of solid black worn from head-to-toe so it’s predictable that I prefer a version that breaks up the black. But most are very fond of black worn from head-to-toe so by all means add a black moto to this combination if it’s more to your taste. The roomy cropped straight jeans are on trend, and the turtleneck is classic. Great boots and bag add a polished touch.

Whistles Agnes Pocket Leather Biker

4. Red Moto, Pearls & Shine

The last look throws black out the window because the moto is red. It also requires mild weather. Combine a red moto with a pair of fabulous blue jeans, a pretty white top, white pearls, and dressy metallic shoes and bag. Of course, wearing a black moto instead of red is as fabulous. I like this version best because of the white pearls and shine. Which is your favourite?

Eloquii Moto Jacket