In forum member Kari’s recent thread we shared tips for taking care of and making clothing items, footwear and accessories last as long as possible. Here are 3 other articles with good suggestions:

Research has shown that a 25C wash is greenest, but can it really clean dirty clothes?

From socks to shoes and leather, how to mend more and buy less.

How to keep your favourite clothes forever, from laundering to moth-proofing.

Fab Links from Our Members

Suz thought this Guardian article is very relevant to our forum posts about not shopping for a year.

“Who profits from your insecurities? Because it sure as hell isn’t you.” Kari recommends 10 Ways We Can Resolve to Combat Fatphobia in the New Year & Beyond.

Nemosmom enjoyed this article about a woman leading the charge in a swimwear world run by men, and how she’s focussing on sustainability in swimwear.

Laura appreciates this article’s connection to Angie’s post about blending style and practicality. She adds: “When one is recovering from a surgery or procedure, planning a ‘healing capsule’ is just as important to honouring style, the body, and how we move through change.”

Shevia likes Edith Dohmen’s style. Her motto: “Be a size hero, not a size victim.”

Jenni NZ finds it interesting and sad that retail stores and chains in her neck of the woods keep closing.

Runcarla is sad to see Toronto Fashion Week go.

La Belle Demimondaine says that the “Then And Now” theme is so popular, even Salma Hayek is doing it, on YouTube. She found Salma’s stories about her outfits very interesting.

Clara Holmes has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a painful hypermobility disorder. She’s been using a wheelchair for over 10 years. Vildy says: “What took me by surprise is how she took her limitation and made it into a strength by displaying how vibrantly seductive a sitting pose could be. I realize lots of chair users commonly would not be so robust. There’s lots of skin but not much different from lingerie and swimsuit sites.”