Since some of you have discussed sustainable choices in clothing, getting out of the buy-buy-buy cycle... one of the things I’ve been thinking about is that when I replace something that I may have bought in my early-mid 20’s that is wearing out, trying to replace it with something that is meant to last and caring for it.

For example: I have several beautiful real leather jackets that I want to care for. Or leather Frye shoes.

As opposed to the pleather jackets I bought about 4-6 years ago, same period as the jackets, that actually rotted and fell apart.

Or that I’ve invested more money into glasses (because I wear them daily and my prescription is stable, knock wood) than any other item - but like only one frame every 1-2 years - and as a result I have a well made small collection of cool artsy frames that are like jewelry I can select to wear.

Problem is, our culture is geared more to foster replacements than long term care or repairs.

What are your care tips (not so much things like how to make things last when laundering them, but like... conditioning or resoling shoes, etc.) that would help someone learn how to maintain what they have and make it last as long as possible? Any resources you would recommend checking out?