See also Inge's recent "Link Love" post about taking good care of clothes:
I am sure there will be good advice in those articles too.

This is a great thread. I came across this & wanted to add it. Darning socks sounds much easier than I ever thought!

Thanks to April & JenniNZ for pointing me in the right direction.

Well, the article that Fashintern just linked to, was in fact linked to in Inge's "Link Love" post two days ago, and (as you will see in my comment above) I linked to that post yesterday. But perhaps a good thing can't be said too often.

White and light colored clothes with mysterious yellow stains become crisp and fresh again when laid wet to dry in bright sunlight. I've had success on old food stains and yellowing armpits/necklines.

My favorite pair of leather high boots is always stored with a "schuh baum". Not sure what this device is called in English (pic).

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“Boot shaper” is the English term. I use them too!

Cut pool noodles work too as boot shapers!

These are some great tips. I am very picky and careful how I treat my clothes, shoes and hand bags.

I stuff and store my bags , I keep my better shoes in boxes and wipe them with baby wipes after I wear them. I store my white items such as jackets and blouses in clear plastic so they don’t rub other items and prevent color transfer , also anything with sequins gets a clear bag so the sequins don’t catch and snag, anything that wrinkles easily gets a clear bag also. All of my good outerwear( Burberry trenches etc ) I keep in their original garment bag. All my leather jackets are conditioned.
I'm careful to always hang or fold my items , they are never thrown or laid carelessly on the floor.
My clothes , shoes and handbags are an investment, so I do try and look after them.